When I’m not “Enough.”

Last Sunday was one of THOSE Sundays. You know the kind where you have somewhere to be after church and you’re scrambling to get everything prepped and packed but no one can find what they need and the toddler is busting out the after-church snacks you packed and ripping them open with his teeth while […]

On Jesus and Social Media

There are weeks that I want to completely avoid social media. Not because it consumes too much time or changes the way we communicate or draws us in to read a ton of stuff we don’t really need to (hello, distractify and buzzfeed and the million “what kind of _________ are you” quizzes). Though there […]

Measuring Mommy Hardships

Comparing. It’s something that we’ve all done since, well, since we were toddlers. “My doll is better because it’s eyes open and close!” “Yea? Well, mine pees after it drinks! Watch this!” “I have more crayons than you do!” Who’s muscles are bigger, which boys are cuter, who can swing the highest on the swing […]

This Christmas

Lately I’ve been feeling like Christmas came at a bad time this year. Which is goofy, because it always comes the same time each year, but it’s coming smack in the middle of what has been the most challenging season I have ever faced…and I don’t feel ready. Or Christmas-y. I feel exhausted. And I […]