Hi! I’m Bethany.

I’m a 20-something (but…closer to 30 than I’d like to admit) stay-at-home mom of two. My husband is a rocket scientist, no really! (ok, so, Aerospace Engineer…basically the same thing) and an officer in the US Air Force. I grew up as a pastor’s kid, am totally partial to Upstate New York – though I don’t live there now – hate anything orange flavored, and love writing and photography. I try to make most of our food from scratch & really enjoy trying new recipes (or, I used to, before I had to dance around the kitchen with a baby on my hip and a toddler attached to my leg. Now I’m all about easy meals and little prep and a husband who grills). 🙂

Why the blog? Years ago, someone I greatly respect challenged me  that I needed to open up my life to those around me – to share the gifts God has given me and the lessons that He’s teaching me. So, I am. Just a warning though, it may not always be pretty. You should probably find a different blog if you have a strong aversion to messy living rooms, talk of poopy diapers, or photos of cute children.

But, this is my little corner of happy in the midst of busy, chaos filled days. It’s obviously not as good as sitting down in a local coffee shop sipping lattes with fancy leaves etched in the foam and looking at photos, or swapping stories and laughing until the tears run down our cheeks and spill into our coffee mugs (wait, that happens to you too, right?)

But, blogging is the next best thing. So, thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it!



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