My Mother’s Day Photos 2017

A few years ago, I asked Sam if he would take my camera and get some pictures of the kids and I for me for Mother’s Day. It’s something that we’ve done again and again and though we’re sometimes realllly late in doing them (Mother’s Day in July anyone?!) I always treasure them. We did this year’s a few weeks back but I had some other photos to finish up for clients before I could process our own.

And, Oh. My. Goodness.

Despite the fact that they were cutting wet grass that morning and our shoes all turned green, and – I mean – have you ever tried to get kids to pay attention to pictures when there’s a LAWN MOWER IN THE BACKGROUND?!!

But we still managed to get some good ones and I’m so very glad we did them again. (And I’m sorry if this is a total pictures overload, I just can’t pick favorites!!).


While we were at it, I took some pictures of Sam and the kids and we attempted a family photo using my tripod & timer. . . you can probably imagine how THAT went. Haha. But we got a couple that mostly worked, and with three kids under 6 and taking them ourselves, that was as good as it got.  Haha.



The other funny (er, frustrating) part this year was that we had forgotten Lawrence’s stroller and couldn’t trust him to not turn totally green in the freshly mowed, wet grass, or to not eat – and choke on – everything he could reach if we set him down. . . so both Sam and I took many of the photos with Lawrence on our hip and the camera in our other hand.

And I’m not sure if that gives us major mom and dad points or photographer points or what, but we rocked it. Even if the man with the lawn mower DID seem to shake his head at the spectacle at times. 😉

But hey, we did it, I love them, and the kids – who may or may not have been bribed with a special snack afterwards – stuffed their faces with the frosting-iest donuts Wegmans had to offer that morning, so it was a win all around!




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