Lawrence Josiah (part II)

There’s this thing that happens when Sam and I sit down to choose names for our children. We make it about 4 minutes before the suggestions start to get a little ridiculous.

For instance, Sam kept insisting that we use “Annette” as Clara’s middle name (which, when said quickly together would make her sound like a wind instrument). I quickly ruled out anything star-wars related, and we laughed over the thought of using some obscure bible name. Ehud? Nebuchadnezzar?

The kids insisted, after seeing part of Cinderella, that we call the baby “GusGus.” (which we also decided against, haha).

All in all though, we tend to agree on names pretty quickly (or rule them out pretty quickly). Lawrence was one we thought of at the very beginning and it just stuck with us. We loved how it sounded with Oliver and Clara – it just seemed to fit.

Josiah, however, we picked not just because we liked it, but for it’s meaning: “Jehovah has healed.” As I went in for monthly blood draws to monitor the antigens in my blood, we prayed and believed for a miracle. Believed for healing. Believed that Lawrence would be unaffected.

And, the antigens that they had told me would ALWAYS be there did not show up on a single test. The name that we chose in faith all those months ago became such a testimony of God’s faithfulness in our lives.

And, what a beautiful testimony he is.


I had my sister, Jen, snag a couple of family photos for us when she was here too.


And of course my mom and dad jumped in some too:


And then, while the big kids went bowling with grandpa and grandma, I snagged a few photos of just Lawrence.


I’m hoping to maybe get a few more once I’m not so sore, but I knew I had to capture some early on before he changes too much!

Thank you, once again, to all of you who prayed and stood in faith with us – and for all of the congratulations and well-wishes this past week. I can still hardly believe he’s ours (except that he looks so much like his brother did as a baby that it’s uncanny!) and that we’re now a family of 5!


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