September 2016 Rocket Launch

I knew going into this last unit for kindergarten, which focused on the sun and moon and all things space-related, that Sam just HAD to do a rocket launch with the kids. I mean, when that was daddy’s hobby in high school, why just make a rocket out of a card board box when you can build and launch the real thing? (It didn’t take a lot convincing for Sam to order a kit and some motors either).

So, last week, as we wrapped up our lessons, the kids got to help daddy put it all together in the evenings. To say they were excited is an understatement.


The kids took a trip with us to the store for paint and decided on bright red, and the night before the launch they got to help put on the stickers and assemble the stand. They wanted their friend, James, from next door to come see the launch – so on Friday we all headed to a local park to set it off!


What a crew! 🙂


We had three separate motors, so each of the kids got a chance to push the trigger and then go running off to chase it down as it parachuted back. Oliver is already hooked, and keeps asking where we can get more motors and if we can launch a BIGGER one next time. Haha.

And it made for a welcome distraction as we count the days until our little one arrives!


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