Clara Turns 3

Clara’s actual birthday isn’t for another week or so, but my parents and sister were in town to celebrate my Grandpa Silver’s 90th birthday, so we celebrated this past weekend while everyone was here.

She wanted a Hello Kitty cake, but she never actually EATS cake, just licks the frosting off, so I decided to make her an icecream cake.



Sam and I have been working for WEEKS on a special project for Clara for her birthday. I had wanted to get her an all-wood dollhouse since there was one at our local library that she LOVED to play with but they rotate their toys and she’s been asking the librarian when it will come back for months now. But when I started looking at them online, boy were they pricey! And, a lot were the wrong size (I didn’t want a barbie dollhouse) or the wrong style (I didn’t want something Victorian looking).

So, like the crazy people that we are, we opted to make one. I mean, how hard can it be – right?

Weeks. We’re talking weeks of planning, designing, cutting, gluing, nailing, sanding, and then modge-podge wallpapering, burning our fingers on little wooden shingles and hot glue, and then painting, oiling, finishing. . .

Lets just say it was more work than we had anticipated. EVERY nap time, evening after Clara went to bed, and even some Saturday or Sunday afternoons were spent working on it. If we hadn’t spent close to $50 on just materials (wood/paint/nails, etc), we might have scrapped the idea halfway through.

But we plodded on, and I’m SO glad we did! Seriously, SO glad. And her little giggle when she opened it at her party? Worth every minute. She’s done little else since she opened it yesterday – so far the rooms have all been re-arranged, the dolls have had a fire drill, the bunny has learned to use the potty… Haha. She’s enamored with it, and we’re pretty darn proud of it.


A lot of our extended family helped fill it up, Aunts and Uncles and Grandmas and Grandpas purchased furniture for the rooms and the doll/pet sets – which filled it way more than we could have afforded to on our own.

Kids room:




Master Bedroom






Living Room:




And, how Clara feels about it:


Eventually I’d like to maybe make different blankets, and put some pictures or windows on the walls – but just getting this finished in time was enough for now! Maybe one of these days I’ll get extra inspired to add some more teeny details. But for now, she loves it and I’m absolutely thrilled with how it turned out.

Happy Birthday to our fun-loving, 100% girly but still 100% rough-and-tumble tough little fireball of a three year old!


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