Mother’s Day Photos (in June). . .

Sometimes, Mother’s Day is celebrated with flowers and candy and homemade cards and breakfast in bed. Other times, it’s not really celebrated at all as your kids are too young to even know the holiday exists and your husband is in the midst of preliminary exams which will determine whether or not he’s an official PhD candidate and there’s like, a teensy-eensy bit of stress in your lives.

But, we crawled out of the black hole that was the month of May, celebrated missed events – including our anniversary – and determined to still take our annual Mother’s Day photos (in which I set everything up, pass the camera to Sam, and he takes pictures with ME in them instead of being the one behind the camera!).

And I’m totally obsessed with them. Oh, they don’t show everything that there is to show about being a mom. They don’t show the piles of laundry we left on our couch that day or the pb&j we ate for lunch because I didn’t have anything else when we got back home. They don’t show the fact that the day before, I had such an excruciatingly difficult day as a mom that when Sam walked in the door I walked right out – on the verge of tears – and power-walked off my frustration over my 4 and 2 year old apparently knowing WAY better than I did ALL. DAY. LONG.

But, I know that pictures like these are the memories I’ll hold onto for years to come. When the laundry and the frustrations and the potty accidents and the messes and the bazillion questions fade into the background and I’m left wondering what on earth happened to my babies and why they grew up so fast. At least, that’s what old ladies at the grocery store are always telling me as I say “no” to every single candy bar in the check-out aisle and attempt to maneuver my belly around my shopping cart to pay the cashier. . . (wait, that’s you too, right?)

Really, though, moms: get IN pictures with your kids. Don’t wait until you aren’t largely pregnant, or until you’re back at some idealized before-babies body shape. Ignore their skinned knees, grubby fingernails, and not-quite-even haircut. Ignore the bags under your eyes and the way your clothes seem to slouch in funny ways after being tugged and pulled on by little hands. Give yourself a way to remember these days (even in their imperfection). Give them a way to remember these days. Just get IN pictures. Seriously. (And, if you need someone to help you with that – I just *might* know someone…! haha).



26 week baby bump


And, I had to get some for Sam too while we were at it.


Sam, thank you again for being game to do these each year. You did a fabulous job with these, and I love them SO much!








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