I realized recently that I haven’t been blogging much about our family these last few months. And, with good reason – though it wasn’t exactly intentional. The early weeks/months of 2015 were a blur of late nights of thesis writing/editing/proofreading, combined with praying and considering and researching and talking through options and opportunities as Sam’s commitment to the Air Force came to a close. Those weeks were a different breed of crazy than we’d been used to: exhausting for an entirely different reason.

Yesterday I finally had a chance to sit and sort through some things – tossing out Sam’s old PT gear, taking the rank and ribbons off his uniforms to save for a day when I can get them framed along with his commissioning document. Placing them in a file with his honorable discharge papers, and just staring at them; still feeling a bit off-kilter by the sight of everything that was so every-day-normal just a few weeks ago, now packed away or in piles to get rid of.


I sat down a few weeks back and typed everything out, what it’s all been like: the praying, the searching, the decisions to make. The pieces that have come together, the ways that we’ve seen God’s confirmation and his provision along the way. I had intended to turn it into a blog post, but when all was said and done, the words just poured onto the paper and I was left with pages and pages of writing. Eight to be exact. Single-spaced. I know I’m not always short and succinct here on my blog, but it’d be incredibly long to post here, even by my standards.

But, oh, it’s good. I’m so glad I wrote it out. Sam tells me maybe one day all these things will go in my book. No, I don’t currently have plans for one – but sometimes the urge to write is just SO strong, that…who knows. Maybe I AM writing one a little at a time. I’ll let ya know. Haha. But, even if no one else ever reads it, it was so, SO encouraging to MY heart to get it all on paper, and to read through it. To see God’s faithfulness, to see the way that earlier steps of faith ultimately lead to where we are today…to step outside of the day-to-day-ness and see a bigger picture. . .


And now, here we are halfway through 2015. Sam is working on base in a job that some might say was offered by AFRL, or the government, but we know was actually totally dropped into our laps by a sovereign God who knew all along what we’d need EACH step along the way. We’re gearing up to move in two months. Two months.  We signed for a lease the other day and sent a deposit check in the mail.

It’s all really happening.

And, though there’s still a lot we don’t know – and though the “planner” part of my psyche can start to get a little freaked out sometimes if I think about all the “what-if’s,” deep down we know it’s the right move. We know this is what God is leading us to do. And so we’re stepping out. Putting our faith into action. Trusting beyond the “what-if’s.”

And, we’re so, SO incredibly excited to be heading close to Sam’s family (and friends in the area!). Just the thought of it makes me teary. (ok, ok…downright weepy some days). But after a couple of very challenging years of feeling very far away from all of our family – that fact alone is outshining just about any “what-if” I can come up with.

And so now we just wait. 🙂 Pack. Plan. Sort. Make budgeting spreadsheets. Measure furniture to see what will fit. Prep to sell anything that won’t.

Two months and counting until moving day!!!


And, in the mean time, we’re enjoying our spring/summer months here in Ohio. (As most of you know, we traveled to New York a couple weeks ago for my sister-in-law’s wedding, and I got to do their photos, so I’ve been working frantically on those since we got home – stay tuned, they’ll be coming soon!) It’s been SO wonderful to get out of the house after what felt like a very, very long winter – and even though they’re always slathered with sunscreen and wearing hats, our kids are rocking their tan lines already…and it’s barely even June!


Clara’s vocabulary has just EXPLODED lately – she says everything now. Or attempts to. I’m finding that one of the differences between her and Oliver is that at her age, he either wouldn’t say words that were too difficult, or he’d just make up an alternative. Clara, on the other hand, tries EVERYTHING. It’s like interpreting a different language all day long.

“Titty tat scaa-tched me, ‘ite heeee-oh. Need baaaan-eeed on boo-boo, dot hurt! ‘Mudge did it, pob-a-lee.”

(Kitty cat scratched me, right here. Need bandaid on boo-bo. Got hurt. Smudge did it, probably)

“Cov-a me in wid my bee-hoh, mommy. I lay on pee-hoh. Titto back and hum!”  (Cover me in with my blanket, mommy. I’ll lay on pillow. Tickle back and hum!)

“Pee me bup!”  (pick me up)

“eye – heem”  (Ice cream)

“poh-he-hay-houh”  (ponytail)

I’ve also been getting a kick out of the words and phrases that Oliver will use in day to day conversation – that he has obviously picked up in books.  Words that just sound a little funny strung together in 3-year old sentences.

“And, eventually, I will wake up!”

“Suddenly, Daddy was home!”

“I think it was a dump truck, or something like that probably.”

“What is that awful smell?”

. . .

Today we were driving home from the store and when I merged onto the highway there was a small piece of the rumble strip in between the lanes and drove over part of it, surprising both of the kids.

Oliver: “What was THAT?!”

Clara: “But ‘dat mommy? But ‘dat?”

Me: “It was a rumble strip, Oliver.” (Sam had explained those last week to him).

Oliver: “Oh! Next time I’ll make sure I can be sleeping when you drive there so that it can do it’s job and wake me up!”

Me (laughing). “Ok.”

Oliver: “I can’t see you in the mirror. Can you move it?”

Me: “No, I need to see the other cars.”

Oliver: “Why?”

Me: “To keep us safe. I need to know what’s going on all around me when I’m driving.”

Oliver: “Our buckles keep us safe.”

Clara: “ME! SAFE!”

Me: “That’s right! They do!”

Oliver: “Because if” (. . .thinking) “Maybe if a dear ran out in the road RIGHT IN FRONT OF US and we would have to stop ‘RE-easy’ (really) fast. . .”

Clara: “DEER! Me see it!”

Oliver: “And then you would honk your horn like this: BEEP! BEEP! BBBBBBBEEEEEEEEEEEEP! And then the deer would

Clara (interrupts): BEEEP! BEEEP!

Oliver: “and the deer would look at us like this! (I quickly move the mirror so that I can see him and he mimics what looks like a darn good impression of a deer caught in the headlights, and then shakes his head and shouts: WOOOOAAAHHH!!”)

Clara: “WOOAH!”

(I’m laughing hysterically at this point)

Oliver: “And then it would JUMP outta the way! Like this! BOINK!”

Clara: “Boink! Beeee-oooo!”

Oliver: “And that is why we have buckles to keep us safe.”

Clara: “Me! Buck-o! Saaaayyyyfe.”

But, other than the amusing randomness of our conversations each day, I think that one of my favorite parts of our days lately is bedtime. Clara’s requests for songs are endlessly amusing. “Old Donald, He-pot, Black Jesus, Tinkle tinkle, Dod is Big, Peas Him, E-B-C, and Piddies” are current favorites. (Old McDonald, I’m a little teapot, Jesus loves the little children (apparently black is her favorite color on the list?), Twinkle twinkle little star, My God is so big, Praise Him (not the song’s title, just words at the end), ABC, and This little Piggy)

And, as though the songs weren’t awesome enough . . . then there are their bedtime prayers. I don’t really think that God prefers one person’s prayers to another, but IF I did, I’d have to say toddler prayers rank right up there at the top.

Clara: “Dee Dod, (dear God) tee-toh (thank you) for the wall, and dat wall, and the other wall…and dis chair, and dat strowwer (stroller), and Dee Dod for Vava (Oliver). AMEN!”

Oliver: “Dear God, thank you that I have a recycling bin and I can put the ‘cycle-bles in it, and help me to be a good ‘tude to-torrow. (tomorrow).

 . . . “be a good ‘tude” took me a while. I finally figured out he was asking God to help him have a good attitude. 

Also, Oliver told me tonight that Jesus lived in his heart, so it must be one of Jesus’ friends that lives in my heart. Just so we’ve got that cleared up.


All in all, my days pretty much look like this lately:



And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂


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