Mother’s Day 2015

Last year, Sam began a family tradition of taking photos of the kids and me as my Mother’s day gift. (seriously, I’m making them do this with me forever. Or at least until they graduate high school). We budget pretty closely and one of the things we don’t usually spend a lot of money on are the “extra” holidays. We set aside money all year long to be able to buy gifts at Christmas and for birthdays. The rest of them we keep simple. Maybe flowers or a card. A bag of his/my favorite chocolates. A “date” at the mall sipping a hot cup of Starbucks while the kids play in the play area. Just something that says “I love you” but without a huge price tag.

Which is exactly why these pictures mean so much to me.

It costs us nothing. I have the camera. I pick out nice clothes that we already have. We head to a park (or to our front yard). I set it all up, the scene, the camera settings…and then I pass the camera off to Sam and, for one time out of the year, end up IN the pictures instead of being the one who takes them.

And it’s way better than any $4,000 diamond piece of jewelry. Sorry, Kay. We’ve got you beat.

For a while there, I thought this year’s pictures just weren’t going to happen. I was sick, Sam was sick, we kept getting storms/rainy weather on days that we planned to go – it just wasn’t working.

Yesterday, we had gotten everyone ready, loaded my gear, and were headed out the door when it began to rain…again. I seriously could have cried. But we waited it out and it didn’t last long, and despite everything being sopping wet, I finally got my pictures!!


Practicing my camera settings before handing it off to Sam…

IMG_1681-copy IMG_1651-copy IMG_1655-copy IMG_1698-copy IMG_1715-copy

There was a very loud frog somewhere near us…Oliver was highly suspicious of the noises coming from that direction.

IMG_1734-copy IMG_1762-copy

IMG_1782-copy  IMG_1802-copy IMG_1816-copy IMG_1822-copy

“Clara, make Oliver laugh!”



I snagged this last one of the kids as Sam started packing up some of our things. They’re so stinkin’ cute!

After pictures, we changed the kids into play clothes and headed to the other side of the park (where the playground was). It worked perfectly, both as a way to stretch their legs, and as a…bribe great motivational tool to convince them to be in pictures in the first place. 🙂

Sam, once again, I can’t thank you enough for these pictures. I absolutely love them.


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