Surviving Winter Days Inside

As I’m sure just about everyone reading this can attest to, it has been SO. COLD. this winter. It’s been almost unbearable. And, having grown up in the Upstate New York area, I’m a winter-lovin’ kind of gal.

Snow pants? Check!

Boots? Check!

Gloves? Check!

…In multiples for kids who think they should play with wet, melting puddles of snow? Check!

Shoveling? Bring it on.

Snowmen? Heck. yes.

It takes a lot of work getting all of us bundled up to go outside. But oh, it’s fun when we get out there. Snowball fights, snow angels, pushing the double stroller over mounds of snow in the sidewalk…. You name it, we’re there.

Clara even loves to just flop into the snow and lay there. Doing nothing. Just staring at it and giggling.

Winters are ok with us!

…..BUT, when it’s single digits or less with windchills that reach almost 30 below….it’s just too cold to go out. And, it’s been that way for what feels like weeks on end. Add to that the fact that we’re in Ohio, so mostly we get ice – not snow. Wintry mixes. An inch of snow followed by rain.

Cabin fever is a real thing, man.

Lack of fresh air and vitamin D is like a medical disorder. Truly.

It makes momma grumpy. It makes the kiddos grumpy.

We’re sick a lot more.

And, boy do we run out of things to do. Painting, coloring, crafts, playing, making forts, snack time, curious George, extended bath time complete with blowing bubbles and throwing toys and water all over the bathroom until everyone’s fingers and toes resemble shriveled raisins, stacks of books read. And that’s only the first two hours of the day.

Not that I want to sound ungrateful. We have a warm, cozy house – a roof over our heads. Fresh baked bread in the oven.

But oh, the days can seem so very long.

I’ve decided, lately, that I need to try and capture some of our every-day moments with my camera. First, because it reminds me that my kids do not, contrary to the way it seems sometimes, spend all day fighting. And because it freezes the little, ordinary sort of moments that I know are so precious, but so fleeting. You know, the “blink-and-they’re-gone,” kind of days that the little old lady at the grocery store reminds you to cherish when your husband carries your two screaming, fit-throwing, kicking, children out of the store and you can still hear their wailing echoing across the store even with your head stuck as far into the milk case as it can possibly go….

Wait…that’s you too, right?

So, here’s to the normal-every-day sort of paint-on-their-faces-and-arms, fooling-around-together moments.  (As long as I can balance the camera in one hand and still keep a watchful eye to catch the cup of water before it falls or the kid before they launch themselves headfirst onto the wooden floor, we’re golden).






Love those chubby little toddler hands… 🙂










 Gosh they’re cute.

But, please, winter…be kind and don’t last until April, ok?!




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