“What did he call you?” (and some photos)


So, I was playing a game with Oliver and Clara the other day at lunch, making up ridiculous sounding middle names and asking the kids if that was their real name. It went something like this:

Me: “Are you Oliver Macaroni?

Oliver (said in his most incredulous, ‘mommy you’re ridiculous’ voice): “Nawwww.”

Me: “Are you Clara Bologna?”

Clara giggles and shakes her head.

Me: “Are you Oliver-iffic?”

Oliver (lauging): “No, mommy.”

Me: “Are you Clara Bear-a?”

She giggles.

Oliver: “Are you a mommy…..um…” (I wait while he pauses and tries to come up with a word to use after mommy). “Are you a ho???”

At which point I spit out my milk I was laughing so hard and Sam calls from the kitchen: “What did he just call you?!”

Oliver: “A mommy ho!”

Haha. Oliver making up words of the top of his head may not be a good idea.




…Because when everyone in your house has been sick for going on two weeks and it’s cold and rainy outside, what else is there to do besides march around wearing crowns with construction stickers and hello kitty on them?


Please ignore my laundry. Just keeping it real, folks.






Oliver helping Clara with her baby


Waving goodbye to daddy one morning.


Sam snapped this pic earlier tonight on his phone. Oliver has wanted me to put lotion on his hands lately before bed, so we keep a bottle of lotion in his room and it’s part of his bedtime routine now. The other day, he noticed that my hands were dry and asked if I would like some lotion too. And now, every night – without fail – he waits for me to help him with his lotion and then carefully, one at a time, takes my sore, dry, cracked hands in his and gently rubs lotion in for me too.

Ok, kiddo. I guess that makes up for the “ho” comments. 🙂


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