The MacDonald Family

We met Scott and Olivia a few years back when we all attended the same small group at church. And when I say “attended,” I mean that I, and at least one other mom on any given week, spent most of the time wandering the halls of the King’s house with a crying newborn. And, as time went on and people got added, more and more babies came (seriously, we used to joke that people shouldn’t join our group unless they wanted to get pregnant. Our group had that “be fruitful and multiply” concept down!). Well, we’re not having group anymore, but the babies DO keep on coming! 🙂

Scott and Olivia welcomed little Lydia into their family in December, but since we weren’t able to coordinate pictures before the holidays, we postponed until this month. And, even though it can be difficult to do pictures after the sleepy, fresh-out-of-the-oven newborn stage ends, Lydia did really well and we got some great shots!

IMG_5705 copy

IMG_5711_2 copy

IMG_5697-2 copy

IMG_5799 copy

IMG_5810 copy

IMG_5773 copy

Lydia and her beautiful momma

IMG_5856 copy

And, the whole fam!

IMG_5933 copy

Haha…I LOVE Lucy’s expression here. 🙂

IMG_6074 copy

IMG_6030 copy

And, speaking of expressions… I don’t think she trusted my big ‘ol camera.

IMG_6114 copy

We were actually done taking pictures by this point, but when she fell asleep after all the excitement of the family photos I couldn’t help snagging a couple extra shots as she snoozed in mom’s arms.

IMG_6102 copy

What a sweetie!!

Scott and Olivia, thanks for letting me take pictures of your lovely family! (Also, for the record, I think that the fact that you got yourselves and all THREE girls ready for photos that day basically makes you rock stars).



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