Photos for one of my most favorite families

. . . Ok, so we’re also related. But they’re still some of my favorite people on the planet! 😉

Part of our Christmas gift to Sam’s parents this year was a nice photo of all of their grand-kids (stay tuned, those pics will be up next!!), and I offered to also take some pictures of Sam’s brother’s family while we were all in NY. So, one semi-warm December afternoon we picked out color-coordinated outfits for the kiddos and then piled into a couple of minivans and headed to Mendon Ponds Park. It was quite cold and windy, and the field had WAY too much deer poop in it – but we all bundled up in between photos and jumped up and down to keep warm… and got some great photos!








Gah! I can’t get over how old they are!

web-5400I’m still not sure if Hans was going for a hug or a wrestling move here…


Aren’t they such a beautiful family?! Jeremiah and Kendie: thanks again for letting me do some photos for you guys (and for putting up with the cold and the poop!) Miss you all already!


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