The Things Oliver Says… December 2014


Oliver: “When I grow up and I’m a daddy and I get to drive a van and honk at the dogs that are in the street to tell them to move, then I will get to eat more cheese puffs if I want to.”


Me: “Just a minute, Oliver.”

Oliver: “Mommy. Just answer my question. Yes, or no.”


Oliver: “I was very good in the store.”

Me: “Yes, Oliver, you were. Thank you.”

Oliver: “I think I want a special treat. But not for Tia (Clara) because she was throwing her boots all over the place and screaming.”


Oliver: “Where are we going?”

Me: “Ikea.”

Oliver: “To Kia’s? Kia’s and Buddy’s?” (my parents’ dogs)

Me: “No, not Kia’s…Ikea.”

Oliver: “Yes. Buddy who is nice and Kia who is always chewing. We will see them at i-Kia’s.”


While discussing our Christmas plans…

Oliver: “We will see Grandpa John and Grandma Ginny, and then Grandma and Grandpa where the Buddy and Kia are and the frog named Kermit. Then when we get to there then daddy will fly away!”(Making a motion like his arm is soaring through the air).

Me: “Yes, daddy will go on a trip on an airplane.”

Oliver: “No, daddy said he would fly!!”


Oliver: “When you pass gas, it’s like you honking your horn to say ‘there’s some poop coming!'”

. . . Haha, I truly never know what to expect him to say next!


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