The Things Oliver Says – November 2014

Oliver had been getting confused (and a little angry) when other little kids would call their mom, “mom.”

“That’s not mommy!” He’d insist…pointing at me: “That’s mommy!”

So we had been talking about how I’m HIS mommy, but the other boys and girls have their mommies too. The other day, I had a friend over with two of her little boys and Oliver, who was trying to get my attention, blurted out from the table:

Hey mommy with the blue shirt!”


Aunt Beki was in town last weekend visiting Tim at college, and we ran into them at church. Oliver took one look at Beki holding Clara and said to me:

“Look mom! It’s Aunt Beki! The Aunt Beki who’s Grandma and Grandpa’s friend!”


This morning was the first real snowfall of the season (and Oliver has been waiting and waiting for this day to come). He ran from window to window all morning shouting:

“Look mommy! Look at all that snow. There’s more snow out THIS window! And this one too! So we can build TWO snowmans!”



For his birthday, Oliver got a rocket from his Aunt Beki (which doubles as a bird house). Earlier this week while Clara was sleeping he asked me if he could paint it. When I asked him what color he wanted to use he replied: “All of them!!”

So…he did!




And, the finished product:


Thanks, Aunt Beki for a fun wintery day project!


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