The Things Oliver Says – October 2014




Bobby Study – Bible study (also: bobby story…)

Tissue Paper – toilet paper

“Acturry” – actually

Mayo man – mail man

Helmet mans – construction workers (with helmets)



During a particularly serious conversation about obedience…

Me: Oliver, look at mommy. I want to know you are listening to me.

Oliver: (looks around the room, at my feet…)

Me: Oliver, look at me, please.

Oliver: (looks up at me, briefly)

Me: When mommy tells you to do something, you need to do it the first time, without me having to ask you over and over again. (. . . I can tell I’m losing his concentration again as his eyes wander around the room).

Me: Oliver. Eyes right up here (pointing to my own eyes)

Oliver: (Stands up, walks over to me, and puts his eye against my forehead in between my eyes…)

I glance at Sam across the room who is doing all he can not to just laugh out loud and we both lose it. So much for that lesson. Note to self: toddlers take the things you say very, very literally.



Oliver:  (gasps) “Look at that, mommy! That’s the biggest flag I never seen!”

Me: “The biggest flag you’ve EVER seen?”

Oliver: “Yes! I never, never seen it.”



After leaving Bible Study today:

Oliver: It’s so sad.

Me: You’re sad to leave?

Oliver: No, the people in the bobby study room are sad.

Me: Why are they sad?

Oliver: They are sad because I had to leave!


He knows his letters really well now and is starting to spell out words (though he doesn’t know what they say yet). At the post office yesterday he read all the letters on a package I was sending: “P-R-I-O-R-I-T-Y  M-A-I-L.”

The lady next to us in line, who said she has been a first grade teacher for 30 years, couldn’t believe how well he did and told him: “I’m so impressed! You know your letters so well for your age!”

– At which point Oliver shrugged his shoulders like it was no big deal and then said: “Yep! And, know what? I will be three in two more garbage days!”

… She must have been a grandma because there was all the appropriate ooh-ing and ahh-ing to follow.  🙂



Side note: the picture above was one of the ones I got this past weekend, so if you missed that post and want to see a bunch of recent pics of the kiddos, you can find that here.


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