The Things Oliver Says – September 2014


Favorite words lately:

Wheel-wagon (pronounced: eee-oh-ay-gun): We think this is a mix of wheelbarrow and wagon? It’s what he calls his wagon.

Trainunderwear (pronounced: tain-unna-bear): I think he thinks this is all one word. As in, I don’t have to wear diapers, I get to wear trainunderwear. (big boy undies with Thomas the Train on them)

 _ _ _

Bedtime Prayers

Oliver: Dear God, Thank you for…friends. And Family. And…what else, daddy?

Sam: For a good day

Oliver: For good cake?

Sam: A good day.

Oliver: Oh! Thank you for a good day.

Sam: And what else?

Oliver: And thank you for good cake! And for… (he looks at me with a sly grin on his face) Buff-a-nee (giggles)

Sam: That’s mommy to you, mister. Only daddy calls her Bethany. Why don’t you pray that mommy feels better?

Oliver: Because her throat is hurting?

Sam: Yep! When you pray, you can pray for people, too.

Oliver: Oh! And, God, thank you for people. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  _ _ _

Sam: You can have a cookie OR ice cream. Not both. One or the other. Which one do you want?

Oliver (thinks about this for a second): The other.

  _ _ _

New pediatrician: Hi! What’s your name?

Oliver: Brother!

  _ _ _

Oliver: (sitting at the breakfast table, making a noise that sounds like he’s lifting something heavy) Mommy, (holds up one hand) this hand needs this other hand’s help.

  _ _ _

Overheard from the kitchen while the kids were sitting at the table eating lunch:

Oliver: Stop throwing your food, Tia! (Clara) No! Don’t do that! You understand? (pause) No!   . . .Ok, then. Time for a spanking.

  _ _ _

Oliver: I feel like I’m need to be sneezing.

Me: You feel like you need to sneeze?

Oliver: Yes. So I need some macaroni and cheese.

Me: You need macaroni and cheese because you feel like you need to sneeze?

Oliver: Yup!

Me (laughing): We don’t have any macaroni and cheese.

Oliver: A restaurant does. We need to go to ‘estaurant for I feel like sneezing.


…to be fair, we did tell him the week before that we were going out for dinner because mommy was sick and didn’t make anything for dinner.

 _ _ _

And also, here’s this: Left: 7 months, Right: last weekend (almost 3 years old).


How much do you want to bet that I’ll end up with some goofy teenager version of the same face in a few years?

Some things never change, I guess. 🙂


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