Becky and Jake…Engaged!

If you’ve been following my blog the last couple weeks, you’ll remember that I promised pictures from three different photoshoots that I did while we were in New York. The first two can be found here and here. And I’m finally posting the last one today! 🙂 Woohoo!

My sister-in-law, Becky, got engaged in July, and she asked if I could take some nice engagement pictures for them when we came up to NY. I, of course, said ABSOLUTELY!!, so we picked a nice day and headed to Highland Park and a couple of other neat locations in Rochester. Sam came along with me as my reflector-holding, camera-bag carrying assistant, and despite it being super wet from a couple of rainy days prior, we still managed to get some fabulous shots! Since we live a few hours away and only visit NY a couple times a year, we hadn’t even met Jake before that week, so after they were done modeling for the camera, we all headed to a little restaurant in the city for a double-date. (seriously, have I mentioned how great it was to have Grandma and Grandpa watch the kids for us a few times during the week?! Ahhhhhhmazing).

And, you just can’t go wrong with New York scenery. The hills. The green. Even the architecture. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. And, with so many of my photos being of children/families/my own two kiddos lately, it was a lot of fun to do something completely different!

blog 2

IMG_0239 copy

blog 3

IMG_0183 copy

IMG_0171 copy

A personal fave. 🙂

IMG_0299 copy

blog 1


IMG_0438 copy

IMG_0433 copy

IMG_0345 copy

IMG_0379 copy

IMG_0327 copy

IMG_0493 copy

IMG_0482 copy

IMG_0459 copy

IMG_0409 copy

Becky & Jake, congratulations again!!


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