The Things Oliver Says – August 2014


Favorite words of his lately:

“Knock-a-date-ers” (binoculars)


“What WAS dat?”

“Heppy-hoppy” (helicopter)

“Cal-en-en-en-en-en-en-a” (Calendar)


Today, when he looked outside to see that he had left his lawnmower outside and it was getting rained on:

<<gasp!>> “Oh my diculous!” (pretty sure he mixed “oh my goodness” with “ridiculous” – I may or may not have sprayed coffee into my lap, laughing).


Potty training has led to some discussions on anatomy, which I knew were coming eventually. I thought this had gone fairly well, until I overheard Oliver telling Clara:

“I have a peanuts. You don’t.”




Bedtime prayers a couple nights ago:

“Dear God,

Thank you for friends and for cookies. With oats. And with frosting. Thank you for knock-a-date-ers, and blue lights, and Curious George in my book. Thank you for poop in potty.  And for garbage man comes and gets blue cans and green cans.



To the lady at Meijer:

Oliver: “You have stickers for me? Can I has sticker?

Cashier: “No, I’m sorry, we don’t have any stickers.”

Oliver: “Kroger has stickers for me.”

Cashier: “Yes, I know they do. I’m sorry that we don’t.”

Oliver: (turns to me) “Mommy, next time we go to Kroger.”



And, it won’t be too long before this one’s coming up with funny things of her own to rival her brother’s!



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