Summer Vacation

Since we’ve been home from vacation, I’ve been busy working on editing the photos I took while we were up in New York. I did an engagement photoshoot, (which I still have to post about), a photoshoot with my adorable new nephew,  and a photoshoot with a friend from college and her 6-month old little boy. But, today I was sorting through some of the other photos I took that week, and figured I’d share some of our family vacation photos before I put together a post from my third “official” shoot.

IMG_1019 copy

Hanging out with grandma


IMG_0849 copy

IMG_0853 copy

IMG_0863 copy

IMG_0954 copy

IMG_0908 copy

First time on a trampoline – both kids were thoroughly impressed.


IMG_0878 copy


Oliver didn’t quite “get” how to jump…

IMG_0917 copy

IMG_0980 copy

IMG_0924 copyTree climbing

IMG_0950 copy

IMG_1004 copy  IMG_0986 copy

IMG_0500 copy

Playing with daddy’s old tractors/trucks

It was a lovely, slow-paced, cool, sunny, breezy, lazy week, filled with family, picnics, and u-pick blueberries the size of grapes. All the things vacation should be. 🙂


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