Baby Kelvin

As promised, here is the second of three photoshoots I did while I was in New York on our family vacation last week. (In case you missed the first post, you can view it here). The main reason for our summer trip, other than to just hang out with family and get a much-needed week away, was to meet our newest nephew, Kelvin. I’d been itching to just hop in the van and drive up there for WEEKS now – I wanted to get newborn baby snuggles and do his photos the week he got home from the hospital all fresh and new and little and wrinkly and sleepy. But, we couldn’t just up and leave in the final weeks of Sam’s summer semester, so we had to wait a bit. By the time we got to meet him he was a little over a month old, so he was definitely more alert than he would have been for a newborn shoot, but we still got some great shots. He’s SO expressive, and super, super cute.

And, I still got snuggles in…see?


awwwwwwww….. 🙂

But, if you’re reading this post, I’m sure what you REALLY want to see are his actual pictures…so, here they are!

IMG_1038 copy

IMG_1065 copy

Kelvin 1

IMG_1119 copy

Kelvin 6

Toes! (as a side note, his feet are almost as big as Clara’s!!)

IMG_1098 copy

IMG_1160 copy

IMG_1041 copy

IMG_1043 copy

Kelvin 2

With his beautiful momma 🙂

IMG_1190 copy

Kelvin 3

The photo on the right is what happens when the dog walks behind you as you’re taking pictures. I have laughed and laughed at that shot. What a face!

IMG_1181 copy

IMG_1172 copy

IMG_1175 copy

IMG_1283 copy

IMG_1268 copy

IMG_1290 copy

IMG_1309 copy

Kelvin 4

IMG_1421 copy

Kelvin 5

IMG_1418 copy

IMG_1490 copy

IMG_1430 copy

IMG_1452 copy 2

Bryan and Earon, congratulations again! What a handsome little boy he is! Tell him his favorite Auntie misses his snuggles! 😉




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