Bryce’s 6 month photos

We spent last week in New York on a much-needed vacation. In between sitting on my in-law’s porch, eating ice-cream, taking the kiddos for walks around my college campus, and generally being lazy for the week, I managed to squeeze in three (yes, THREE!) photoshoots. It’s amazing how much you can get done when there are grandparents to help keep the kiddos occupied. 🙂 Anyway, now that we’re home, I’ll be posting a few photos from each shoot here on the blog as I get them edited.

This one is from a shoot with a sweet friend of mine from college, and her little boy, Bryce.  (who, incidentally reminded me a lot of Oliver when he was that age). He was SO serious when we first started, he kept looking at me like: “hey, lady…do I know you? What are you doing with that camera in my face?” Sam came along with me to hold up a reflector to try and get a little more light since it was a really overcast day, and he just stared and stared at it, no doubt wondering what on earth we were doing. But, then he got the hang of it and was a total ham, smiling and making faces for the camera. We got such GREAT shots….and it was seriously one of the easiest shoots I have EVER done with a 6 month old. And, as a major bonus, we got some sweet shots with Bryce and his momma, since I know how hard it can be to get into photos when you’re a mom.

IMG_0535 copy

IMG_0537 copy

IMG_0605 copy

IMG_0667-2 copy

IMG_0734 copy

IMG_0736 copy

IMG_0740 copy

IMG_0769 copy

IMG_0774 copy

IMG_0758 copy

IMG_0844 copy

IMG_0801 copy

See?! What did I tell you? He is TOTALLY hamming it up for the camera. (Mel & Ryan, you may be in for trouble…you’ve got quite the little charmer at only 6 months old!) Seriously, though, what a cutie!


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