The Things Oliver Says (June 2014)

Mother's Day 2014

Me: Come in the kitchen, we need to wash off your fingers

Oliver: And my thumbs too?


Oliver: (while taking a walk in the morning with Clara and I): Hmm…I have idea!

Me: What is your idea, Oliver?

Oliver: If rained yesterday, we go find pudd-o and throw rocks in it. (pause…) I have good idea. MMMhmmm.


Me: We need to go to the store

Oliver: Target?


Oliver: Koh-ga?

Me: Yes, kroger

Oliver: I like Koh-ga! Dey has samples! I ‘ike samples!


Oliver: (talking to his bear) How ‘ooo, bear? Good! I’m good too!


Me: It was just thunder, Oliver.

Oliver: It be noisy

Me: Yes, it IS noisy. But it’s just a noise in the sky when it’s raining out. It can’t come in your room.

Oliver: It sound ‘ike thunder snoring, mommy. It snoring?


Oliver: Wat dat, mommy?

Me: These are cotton balls, Oliver

Oliver: It look just like smarsh-mellows!


Oliver: I want help, mommy. I foof? (pronounced like “woof”)

Me: Oliver, I’m not sure what you want to do. You want to sweep like I am?

Oliver: No! Mommy sweep, Ah-jee foof!

Me: Can you show me what you mean?

Oliver: (goes to the stairway where the swiffer is hanging and points) Foof-er! Ah-jee want to foof!


Other things I’ve heard this week:

Smarsh-mellows are my favorite!

That’s fantastic!

I’m going to I’m’s room now, mommy.

I see a heppa-hoppa! (helicopter)

OOO my friend, mommy

One, two, three, for, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, fourteen, sixteen, nineteen, twenty, thirty-one!!


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