Mother’s Day 2014

My Mother’s Day got off to a little bit of a rocky start this morning. After a rough night with a teething baby, who, incidentally doesn’t want to be rocked or held when she is teething, she just wakes up grumpy and wants to get down and play. No way, kid! It’s 12 pm! (or 2 am! or 4 am…or…) 

By 8 am, Oliver was crying from his room where he was sitting in a time out for hitting me, Clara was throwing the remains of her breakfast all over the floor and demanding to be nursed and put down for her nap, and I was gulping down the rest of my coffee and thinking that Mother’s day is kind of a weird thing to try and celebrate when you have a toddler and a baby. 
“Happy Smodders Day, mommy!” WHACK!
If nothing else, I definitely felt like a mother this morning. And hey, that’s what I’m celebrating the day for, right? 
Haha. But, things turned around later in the day and Clara took a good morning nap, Sam watched Oliver so that I could have a leisurely morning to get ready, and then we headed outside. When Sam asked me what I’d like to do to celebrate Mother’s day, I asked him if he would take some pictures of the kids and I. Earlier this week, I got a lens that I have been saving and saving for, and in the midst of being “mom” hadn’t been able to even use it. He was more than game to take some pics for me, so I set things up, passed the camera to him and got on the other side of the lens for once…
Oh, I am SO glad I did.
I’ve been teary tonight as I finished editing these. I will treasure them always. 

Sam, when you read this, thank you from the bottom of my heart for these. You could not have possibly blessed me more. Love you! (and boy did you get some great shots!)

And, to top it off…I got to take some pics too!


Oh my goodness, how I love them. I am so very blessed.


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