Photo Shoot with the Jewell Family

We met the Jewells in Alabama, actually. Ben and Sam were in the same flight at SOS (an Air Force officer  training held at Maxwell, AFB). Sam and I had been married less than a year at that point, and I spent lots of hours in our little hotel room, with the mice. (Click the link if you don’t remember that story. That is, if you’re not totally freaked out by small rodents). At one of the spouse events, I found out that Erin shared my love for photography, and she and I got some much needed time off-base one day taking pictures at a local park of…well…mostly birds and tree-moss. Exciting stuff! Haha!
Anyways, a couple of years later and their family has now grown to three (4 if you count their dog, Lily…but even though she joined us for some photos I’m keeping those under wraps for potential Christmas carding). And, best of all, they recently moved to our area (yay!). When Erin asked me if I would take some family photos for them, I was so excited! We went to a local Metro Park that had some seriously beautiful fall color – I was a little skeptical since nothing rivals upstate New York when it comes to Fall, but I was pleasantly surprised. We had such awesome backdrops! Sam kept Oliver and Clara at the playground portion of the park armed with enough snacks for an army and a diaper bag full of anything I could think he might possibly need…and I got an hour or so to do what I love…take pictures! And, I wanted to post every single one of them – we got such great shots that I had a really hard time choosing which ones to put on here!
But, enough blabbing – here are the photos! Ben, Erin & Kaylee, it’s so fun to have you guys close by now…and I hope you love these as much as I do! 🙂




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