Life, the way Oliver sees it

There is a game I used to play with Oliver that I now play with Clara now that her neck is strong enough (much to Oliver’s amusement). It’s silly, really. All I do is hold Clara up over my head parallel to the ground with he arms out and say: “Dun da da dun! Super baby!!” It used to make Oliver giggle and giggle, and Clara gets a kick out of it too, plus she looks so darn cute grinning away and looking back down at me.

Oliver thinks this is the best game in the world, and usually shouts out his own version when I play it with Clara:

“Da Da Da!!! Soup Beeba!”

Night-time prayers:
Me: “Thank you for Grandpa John and Grandma Ginny, and Grandma and Grandpa Silver…”
Oliver cuts in: “Teeeeeda! ShaaaaaShaaaaa!”
Me: And Kia, and Sasha (my parent’s pets)… And for mommy and daddy
Oliver: Beeeba! (baby) Ahhhjee! (Oliver)
Me: And baby and Oliver….and help us all to have a good night’s sleep
Oliver: Sleep! Jeee-see! (Jesus) Jee-see Sleep! Men!
Me: Yes, In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Oliver: “Men.”

Oliver and I have this conversation daily:
Oliver: “Beeba die!” (he pronounces Cry as Die because the “cr” is hard for him to get)
Me: Yes, Oliver, baby is crying.
Oliver: Beeba dying!
Me: Yes, crying
Oliver: Ahjee die too!
Me: Oliver is going to cry too?
Oliver: Beeba die. Ahjee die. Mommy die.

At which point things are sounding a little too uncomfortably morbid and I change the subject to something that sounds more pleasant…


A couple of weeks ago, Oliver discovered that it is dark at night (he usually goes to bed at 6:30/7 so it’s not really dark, and the sun is coming back up by the time he wakes up – most days). But one morning he was up super early and happened to look outside. He came shrieking to where I was to inform me that the lights were off outside, and asking me to turn them back on.

“Ite off! Mommy, ite off! Dark! (pointing to window) Ite on? Peese? Ite on?”

I told him that I could not turn the lights on outside, that we had to wait for the sun to come up. “Right now,” I told him, “the moon is in the sky.”

Well, this was apparently fascinating because he plays a “space” game with Sam on the computer where Sam builds rockets and then launches them into space. Well, most of the ones I have seen are a little less than successful and many times I walk by to see both of them enthralled with the ensuing explosion, but I am sure *some* of them make it to space (right honey?!?)  But anyways, he understands moon and stars from the game.

So then Oliver ran around to every window in the house looking to make sure it was dark out every window and trying to see the moon. A little while later the sun was coming up and shining through the blinds. I was washing some dishes and could hear his shrieking from where I was in the kitchen:

“Ite on!! Ite on! Sun on! Moon off! No dark!”

Yep. The way he sees it, someone turns the lights on every morning and then back off at night. Probably “Jeee-see” 🙂

One of Oliver’s grandma’s taught him “P.U.” (Pee-yew? How do you even type that?) last weekend. I won’t name any names or give away which one. 🙂 This week, Oliver keeps walking around saying:
“Dad’n (his name for grandma) Peeeeeeee-U! Stinky Dad’n! Peeeee-U!” and then laughing hysterically
Haha – hope you’re having a great week, “stinky grandma!”

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