I need to get my camera out more to capture the “every day” moments. Not just special events and photo shoots with intentionally-chosen clean, nice outfits…but the mix-matched, sand-covered, grimy-floors-in-the-background kind of days. Today I did just that, and I am so thrilled. Beautiful pictures are one thing, but there is something about capturing my almost-but-not-quite-two-year old as he does what only an almost-but-not-quite-two-year old can do. Moments like these:
Oh the simple beauty of a normal day. I can’t always see it past the mess, the chaos, the mounds of laundry, the sticky-ness and the flat-out exhaustion that comes with two kids under two. But it’s there just the same. I just have to look for it – even if it takes a camera lens to help me do so sometimes.
And, speaking of beauty…  🙂

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