Recipe Books!

Cookbooks. I love them. I love the beautiful photos of mouth-watering foods that seem to leap off the page and scream “you need to make me, now!” And I love the smell of the printed pages and the binding and the design and layout…I would have a kitchen FULL of them if I could. 

But there’s the problem. Me, in a very SMALL kitchen that is lacking in both cupboard and counter space. And you should see all of the books piled high on our office bookshelves. And that is not even our whole collection. We have more in bins and boxes that have no home and thus were never unpacked when we moved.
Nerdy much?
Both Sam and I love all kinds of books…and add to that the fact that he is still in school and STILL getting more and more and more books each week, and, let’s face it, I just do not need to be purchasing more on my own. So I make good use of my library card and longingly stare at the cookbooks in Barnes & Noble, while I pick up a couple and smell their inky pages and gape at their beautiful pictures before putting them back on their shelves and leaving them for someone else.
But, a girl’s gotta cook…so I find my new recipes online. Which has worked out great except that I had to lug my computer into my kitchen and try to keep the flour and tomato sauce splatters off of the keys while scrolling with the back of my hand to see the directions. Yea, NO good. My original solution was to print them off and put them in one massive, largely unorganized binder that was a pain to lug around and look through. 
But, no more. 
Say hello to my new recipe organization. 
I’m in love. 
I don’t have a picture of my large, green, ugly “Before” binder. But you’ll have to take my word for it when I say that these are SOOOO much better. 

The hardest part about the whole project was actually finding binders that were the right size to fit recipes in sheet protectors AND dividers without having them stick out the sides. I seriously bought 4 sets of 4 binders and then had to return them each time until I got it right. Who knew binders even came in different cover widths? Not me! But, I finally found binders with “extra wide covers” (which I had to order online)…and they work splendidly! 
Then I stopped at JoAnn’s to get some scrapbook paper which I cut down to size, printed my own labels, and just put them together!

Hello, organization. 

I love them. I absolutely love them. They’re pretty, they’re organized, and they have plenty of room to put in new recipes when I find them.

And, I have curbed my desire to buy an entire shelf of cookbooks every time I go into a bookstore…Well, this week anyway. 

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