Clara – One Month Photoshoot

Miraculously enough, both kids are sleeping at the same time today, so I decided to sit and type up an update and include some recent photos for family and friends who do not live close enough to enjoy her in person. 🙂 Plus, this way I have a chance to write out some of what I want to remember, and can include in the baby book later!

So, here she is…Our Clara at one month old:

Clara at One Month:
Sleep: For the first 4 weeks she would do a 5, 6, or 7 hour stretch of sleep at night, and I thought I was blessed with a miracle child. The last week she switched to an “up every 3 hours on the dot” feeding schedule. I’m really hoping the 7 hour thing returns. Soon. She’s sleeping in her crib at night…and doing pretty well with that. Many times I find her sideways at the foot of the crib, far from where I placed her. 
Size: Bigger. Haha, we don’t have another appointment until 2 months, so I can’t tell you how much she has grown.
Eating: She’s a really good eater and I have had no problems breastfeeding. I don’t think she demands as much as her brother did, but that might change. 🙂
Likes/Dislikes: She still sleeps in her carseat (mostly) but isn’t a big fan of the bumpiness of the shopping cart or stroller. Lately she has been very frustrated by the fact that she cannot get her fingers into her mouth – she gets so mad about it, but there is not much I can do to help her out! She likes sponge baths, but she does not like sitting in the baby bath tub for a “real” bath. She enjoys her swing and her space, but will definitely let us know if she has been alone long enough and wants to be held. 
Personality: She’s smiling and cooing at us, more and more each day. Most of her smiles are reserved for Oliver, who will lay next to her and wave and talk to her and try to pick her up, and pile his toys on top of her to “share.” They are so sweet together (even if I have to remind Oliver not to sit on her head…ha!). I really look forward to seeing their relationship grow as she gets older. 

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