Our Family of Four – One Month In…

Today is my second “solo” day…as in, by myself. With two kids under two. Eeeek! 

It really has been going fine. I am ever so thankful that I had almost 4 weeks of help. My parents came for a little over a week, then Sam’s parents came, and then Sam took his 10 days of paternity leave after everyone was gone, and during that time we received meals from our church. It has been wonderful. Recovery from my repeat c-section went much better than I thought it would, simply because I could sit on the couch and nurse & snuggle Clara and let everyone else chase Oliver, prepare meals, tidy the house…
But, by this week I was going totally stir crazy and was determined to do things on my own. Seriously, I could have wept with joy when I cleaned the bathroom on my own.
“I can DO things again! BY MYSELF!! Wahooooo!”
Then I realized I was excited over cleaning a toilet. Yea, sounds a little pathetic when I put it that way…
Speaking of doing things by myself, yesterday I managed to make dinner, give Clara a bath, keep Oliver fed and clothed all day, change about a zillion diapers, do two loads of laundry, AND keep both kids and myself alive. By Myself. 
Basically, I’m superwoman.
Ok, so “dinner” was pulling out some pre-made frozen pasta sauce and boiling up some noodles…but, hey, it was technically still homemade dinner. Sam didn’t have to come home to two wailing children and a stressed-out wife flinging a take-out menu in his face and demanding he order pizza.
(But, in case you’re reading this, I make no promises for today, babe. Or next week. The takeout menus are on the fridge and ready to be grabbed at any moment. FYI.)
Ugh, don’t even get me started about next week when Sam starts two graduate classes in the evenings. The pizza delivery guy may know me by name by the end of the semester!!
Oh, speaking of Sam, isn’t this just the sweetest? 
Melts my heart every time, I tell ya. Every time.
Stats and fun-facts from this month:
Clara weighs about 10lbs now, which is STILL less than her brother weighed at birth. My hips and my back ache just thinking about it. She’s a pretty chill baby, way more laid back than her brother EVER was, so I am curious to see how her personality will be different from his. Also, she sleeps in the car. PRAISE THE LORD ABOVE. Seriously, Oliver screamed on EVERY car trip almost the entire way (even if it was 8 hours to NY) for over a year. A baby who sleeps in the car is absolute bliss. 

Oliver, at 21 months, is as busy as ever, and learns more words by the day. He’s got a lot of his colors down now as well as shapes and is beginning to pick out some numbers and letters. We’ve also managed convince him that icecream is not dangerously cold, and his favorite things in the world are the city garbage truck, his sandbox, his blanket, a stuffed dog and a knitted creature from Aunt Earon that he lovingly calls “Moe.” He’s learning how to brush his own teeth and step up on the stool to wash his own hands…

*sniff, sniff*

Ah hem. Anyway….

One month in and I’m feeling a little tired, very accomplished, a bit overwhelmed at times, and very, very blessed.

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