The Home Stretch

With just 4-5 weeks to go until we meet our little girl, I am really feeling like we are in the home stretch now. I have a ton of things I want to get done before she arrives (wash all the windows, prepare some freezer meals, give each room a thorough scrubbing – floors and cupboards included, etc.). We’ll see how much of that actually gets done…And, really, most of it isn’t all that important. Just things I hope to be able to do in case of a possible c-section and not being able to do much for a couple of months.

We have checked one thing off the list though – we have the nursery almost finished! I have to hem the curtains and attach the tie-backs to the walls…but other than that it’s just about set up! When we moved into our house the walls were painted bright blue, and since we are renting and could possibly only have a little over a year left here, I didn’t want to go through painting and re-painting…again. So I did my best to make it work. 🙂

The crib and changing stand are from the set Sam’s family used when their kids were little. The rocker was my mom’s, and the dresser is from my grandparents. The decorative plate on the dresser is something that my Grandma Silver gave to me when I was little. 
On the wall behind her crib I plan to put her name (which we have decided but aren’t telling yet)…So that’s still blank for now. 🙂
A close-up of the mobile I made

So, baby girl….we have a place for you when you get here! Mama wouldn’t mind if that was a little early this time. hint…hint…

Oliver has definitely been noticing the changes going on, and I can see it affecting him in little ways, even if he can’t really express it in words. Up until this point some of the furniture had still been in his room – and when we moved it, I felt like it left his room looking quite empty. So, we got him a little table and chairs (one pink, one blue). He loves the table, but is still a little unsure of what, exactly, is going on. I am trying to cherish these last few weeks when it is just he and I, even if it means not getting the things on my aforementioned List done, because I know it will never again be just the two of us. I am thrilled to welcome our next little one into our home and our lives, but I know it will be a period of transition for all of us, so I am doing my best to make these busy days enjoyable ones, knowing that they’ll be the last ones when it is just Oliver and mommy. 
Trying out his new table

Our garden is looking quite nice this year. We’ve already eaten our fill of spinach and lettuce – the next round  of those won’t go in until the fall. Peas are ready now, tomatoes and peppers are budding and starting to grow, and we have zucchini, cucumbers, and beans still to come!

 Oliver LOVES to help pick the peas. Many get eaten raw before they even make it in the house. 
Well, that’s what is going on in our little corner of the world lately! I have an ultrasound next week and am looking forward to the opportunity to get another peek at our little girl. From that point, we have some decisions to make, some planning to do, and then, a bit more waiting until our sweet little girl makes her appearance. Thank you all for your prayers this pregnancy, I am thrilled beyond words that I, and our little girl, have been doing so well despite the initial diagnosis and concerns. I can’t thank you enough for standing with us – can’t wait to introduce you to our little girl when she makes her arrival in just a few weeks!

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