Baby update, and a little boy who loves to talk about "Jees-its"

First and foremost, things are going SPLENDIDLY this trimester. Oh yes, I am large and sore and achy and exhausted, and she is in my ribs and I can’t breathe and I can’t sleep at night…but my titer counts are LOW! Very low. And staying that way. Which is what we have been praying for. So our little girl (who doesn’t feel so little anymore to me) is tucked away in there safe and sound and seemingly unaffected. Yay, God!

I have an ultrasound scheduled in June to monitor the size of this little one – and see how she compares to her brother’s ultrasound at the same time. That, among other factors, will help us determine our birth plan for July. Unfortunately, pregnancy and childbirth is not, and cannot ever be as “simple” for us as it seemed the first time around….when I trusted my body to know what to do and thought that everything would work as it should. After some disappointment in that regard, I have come to be very thankful for modern medicine, and while I will still be an advocate for myself, my babies, and our healthcare…things will always, by necessity, remain a bit more complicated for us and I have come to terms with the extra monitoring and/or extra intervention that my situation will require. The decision that we will be facing within the next few weeks will be whether to go directly to a C-section (my 2nd) or to try for a VBAC. There are a number of factors that have to go into our decision, and although I will not go into all of those factors here, I would just ask that you would pray that we could make the best, most informed decision that we can, and that God would give us a peace about it. 
In some ways, I am feeling quite a bit more nervous about this birth than the first because I feel as though there are so many more things weighing in. For instance, with the E and Cw issue, if I needed a blood transfusion (which is ALWAYS a possibility, whether you give birth naturally or via c-section) I would need very specific blood to prevent my body from rejecting and attacking it. So the hospital will be calling a blood bank within the next few weeks so that the birthing unit can keep some on hand for me. In case. God willing, a transfusion will not be needed, but still, the extra preparations going in this time have me a bit nervous. So pray for peace, for a complication-free delivery, and a healthy, strong baby girl. No matter how she comes!
In other news… 
Oliver is 19 months old now and doing great! His vocabulary is growing daily…a few of the words he uses often now include: home, house, truck, impossible, basement, ouch, oops, help, milk, cracker,  lawn mower, bucket, green, bird, and stop. He has made-up words thrown in there as well, ie: water = “mah-neey” and garbage = “baji.” The other day he heard the radio DJ say something about Jesus, and Sam and I heard this little voice in the back seat say: “Jees-its,” and then giggle. We had a talk later that day about Jesus, and God, and Heaven…And now he will come up to me and say “Jees-its!!” and when I repeat, “Jesus,” he will throw his hand up in the air, pointing at the sky and say in a loud, deep voice, “Gaaaaaad!” And, although I know there is so much that he does not understand, all I can think about is Jesus telling his disciples: “Let the little children come unto me,” and I love that God is already working in the heart of my precious little boy. 
Sam is getting into the swing of things in his new job, and really enjoying it. I had to laugh when I looked at his work roster and 99% of the people on there had “PhD” after their name. Yep, sounds like he is in the right place! 🙂 He has been learning a lot (you should see the textbooks he has been reading!), and most of the teachers he will have for his Master’s program that he is working on also work in the same department, either as civilians or contractors. So it’ll be a really good place for him to get his feet wet, do some thesis work, and learn from some of the best in the field. It was totally a God thing that he was able to get this job, and I am excited to see where he will go from here.
With less than 8 weeks to go until my due date, we still have a nursery to set up, baby things to sort through (and find!) from the last time around, and projects I want to complete before she arrives. I’ve made a lot of the decorations for her room and am excited to see it all come together – so be watching for pictures as we set up her room these next few weeks! 🙂
ps. Can I just say, after airplanes and garbage trucks and blues and browns, seeing the pink and purple and daisies and lace beginning to fill up that bedroom just makes me smile. 🙂

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