Third Trimester Update

I am officially in my third trimester now, and feeling it. Woo-boy! This little girl is as active as ever, and I think I am carrying her slightly different from Oliver – which is leaving me achier and experiencing some shortness of breath. Overall though, aside from being worn out, I cannot complain. I will now be going to appointments every two weeks until 36 weeks, and I am thrilled that we have made it to this point without hitting a critical number as far as my titers go. The longer she stays in there and unaffected, the better!

No new news on my titer levels, unfortunately. I made a special trip last week to get the blood work done so that I could get results at my appointment today and because of a mistake on the part of the lab, they have to run the tests again…bummer. It’s frustrating to re-arrange schedules and get in there a couple days before my regular appointment every time, just to have things like this happen…and still not be able to hear results. (This is not the first time we have had an issue like this). Thankfully, though, they can re-run the tests with the blood that they already have, and I did not need to get poked again today. And I am grateful that they are being diligent to make sure that they are getting the right results and really know what is going on. 
Now it turns into a “no news is good news” week – they will only call me with results if there has been a significant increase in my titers and they need to do anything different as far as monitoring the baby. So, pray for good news, low titers, and no phone call this week!
Here’s a semi-current picture; I was almost 37 weeks in this pic.
For those of you who have asked, I do not think that Oliver really understands what is going on…we keep talking about the new baby, and he will point at my belly questioningly as it grows bigger and bigger, but I am not sure how much he really “gets.” He seemed totally perplexed at my appointment today, staring up at the doctor with those big blue eyes of his, his eyebrows furrowed and his juice clutched firmly in his hands…
We have a robin that has made a nest on our back porch light, and Oliver runs to the window to look at it many times a day, yelling “bod! bod!” (bird). I keep telling him that there are eggs in her nest, and soon there will be little baby birds! I had a friend over last week with her little girl and when I talked about the baby birds he pointed at her baby…We asked him where the other baby was, and I said that there was a baby in mommy’s belly. At which point he raised his eyebrows and let out this huge belly laugh as though he thought that was preposterous. But the other day I did catch him carrying around a little newborn girl outfit that someone gave us and saying: “beebee” so, perhaps it is starting to sink in a little.
It’s been a long few weeks here, as I get bigger and bigger and more and more worn out. Sam has been working tirelessly on his final project for the class that he is taking (he is working towards his master’s degree taking classes in the evenings). After tomorrow night he will have a bit of a breather. He also started his new job this week, which is still on the same base here in Dayton, but with a different organization. This job will be more research/computer based which I think he will really enjoy, and there is the potential to mix some school and work during the day, especially for his thesis, which will be a huge help.
I can’t get over how big Oliver is; he’s such a toddler now. His vocabulary is growing steadily, though some of the words still sound nothing like the original…I can run through different animals and animal sounds, and foods/around the house items that he knows and ask him about them, listening to his responses is pretty cute. Our favorite one lately is to ask him to say “Oliver,” and watch his eyes light up as he grins, points to his chest and says:
Haha, close enough kiddo. 🙂

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