A Little Update

I got the results from my last round of bloodwork at my doctor’s appointment yesterday, levels for both the Cw and the E are holding steady at a “1,” which is awesome news! It means that they have not increased at all in the last four weeks, so, either the baby does not have those proteins, OR, my body just is not fighting  them vigorously. Either way, it was what we wanted to hear and what so many of you have been praying for with us. I breathed a prayer of thanksgiving when I heard the news, what an awesome God we have! Though I am still classified as “high risk,” the fact that the numbers are still so low this late in the pregnancy is very encouraging, and for now, we basically just have to keep up the regular blood work & appointments.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I also passed my early glucose test with flying colors (I have to take it twice because Oliver was so big and because I am classified as High Risk – so there will be another one to take later on). I’m not a fan of the drink they give you; for someone who doesn’t really even like soda, it tasted like a burn-your-throat syrupy thick lemon-lime soda without the fizz. And I sat there wondering… seriously, can’t I just eat a handful of Jelly Beans or something?? C’mon, any nurses out there want to back me up on this? Lets switch it to candy!! Although, who knows…maybe I would have to eat a whole bag of Jelly Beans to get that much sugar, and would end up begging for the drink instead. Haha.
So, everything is looking good & normal right now, which is great! We were supposed to go back in today to take a peek at the baby via ultrasound, but they closed the base today due to the snow we got overnight, so that has to be re-scheduled. It is such a bummer to have been looking forward to it and then have it pushed off (this is the only day this whole winter that the base has closed, I mean, what are the odds?!?) but hopefully they’ll get us back in there soon. 🙂 We cannot wait to see whether Oliver will have a little sister or a little brother!
Speaking of Oliver, he hasn’t minded the snow storm and cancellation ONE BIT! We took him outside for a little while after lunch and basically spend the whole time chasing him as he ran through the snow, picking him up when he fell flat on his belly – face full of snow, putting his gloves back on his hands, and being generally amused by his determination to “help” shovel. But check out that grin; he was LOVING it!
Thank you all so much for your prayers – for Sam and I, and for this new little baby! We’re trusting that the antigen levels will continue to stay low and that he/she will keep growing strong and healthy!

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