My Rings

For those that have been asking, and following the story of my rings…This is what my engagement band looked like when Sam proposed:
This is what our rings looked like the day we got married:
And this is what my rings look like now:
Yea. 😦
In the chaos of  what happened at the hospital right before Oliver was born, I was aware that they were cutting them off, but it didn’t really sink in. I remember the guy cutting off a small chunk and trying to twist and pull it off my finger, then realizing he didn’t take off a big enough chunk…and cutting again. But to be honest, my mind was on one thing, and one thing only. Getting our little boy OUT!
But, when I got the rings home, life settled down and I looked at them again…And that is when it really registered. They’re in pieces! Pieces!! I’ve gone through a million emotions over these crazy hunks of metal. I mean – think of all the memories tied to them. The proposal and engagement, our wedding day!! 
I’ve cried, I’ve been angry at the guy who cut them off, frustrated that it’s going to take so much to fix them, disappointed that I may end up just needing new rings altogether… But lately, I’ve been thinking. Yes, it’s sad. Yes it’s frustrating. But they’re really just that: hunks of metal. Sure, they’re a symbol of our love, a symbol of our promise, a symbol of our marriage. But our love for each other is not tied up in my rings, our marriage is not chopped to pieces along with the bands, and our promise to one another still stands.
And, we have a beautiful little boy – who I would do anything for. Chop my rings, cut a hole in my belly… you name it. I’ll do it. A hundred times over.
We’re working with the original company now to see what they can do for us. And next time, my rings are coming off WAAAYY before we ever go to the hospital. Just in case. But, when all is said and done, no matter what happens – though my ring finger feels naked for now, my home and my heart are full. 🙂

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