The Nursery: Complete!

Trying to wait patiently for our little boy to make his arrival…thought I would share some photos of the now-completed nursery. 
The crib and changing table were hand-crafted by Sam’s uncle, and used by Sam’s parents for all of their kids. It’s such a beautiful set and we’re thrilled to be able to use it! The rocking chair was my mom’s – she and I made new cushions for it a few weeks ago. It was cheaper than buying a new cushion set, but I’ll tell you what, working with thick foam & upholstery fabric is not easy! 
Turned out great, though!
The crib
The changing table
haha, and Sam trying out the new baby blanket from Earon. 🙂
Only thing missing now is a baby! 🙂

One thought on “The Nursery: Complete!

  1. It's a good thing that Sam tried out the crib years ago or he'd have to do that, too!! You are so prepared, now all we need is young Mr. Miller!

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