The one where I almost destroy our couch pillows…

When Sam and I purchased our furniture last year, our couch came with patterned toss pillows that were #1: way too large, and #2: way to red. I wanted to paint our living room green, and DID NOT want Christmas all year round. I mean, Christmas is great and all, but not the theme I was going for.

So, we chose a color for the walls, painted, and LOVED it. But, those red pillows just had to go. The only problem was finding pillows that would match not only the tan of the couch, but also the green on the walls. It was almost impossible. Do you know how many shades of green there are? Apparently I did not. And apparently, I chose one that was hard to match. Seriously, we tried probably a dozen stores with no luck. So if you are considering re-doing your living room and you’re going to paint it any color other than beige…my advice is to match the paint to your pillows…not the other way around.

After a couple months of surviving with our Christmas-themed living room and waaayyyy too many frustrating trips in and out of stores carrying my wooden paint stick smothered in the dried green paint…I found them. Pillow covers that would match. They were mostly tan instead of greenish which was slightly disappointing, but they DID match the couch, and they DID have a little detailing with just the right color green. Hallelujah! And, they were on sale. Even better. I grabbed them off the shelves before anyone could rush up behind me and get them for themselves. You know, because there were probably other people as frustrated as I looking for that color green. They weren’t the same size as the overly-large pillows that came with the couch so I grabbed some smaller, white inserts in the right size & brought them home. They have lived happily on our couch ever since.

Fast forward to two days ago. I’ve been on a cleaning kick lately – one in which I am desperate to get everything cleaned. And by everything, I mean everything. The blinds, the windows, all the throw blankets in the house. Our cat wanders around during the day looking at me as though I’ve lost my mind…and dashes from room to room, hiding under furniture trying to stay far, far away from the apparently very frightening vacuum cleaner. But, the weather is nice, the windows are open, and I am thoroughly enjoying my cleaning. That particular morning I eyed those pillow covers and decided they needed to be washed. Surely I would have gotten washable pillow covers. I took a cover off to check and apparently I had cut the tags off. My thought process then went something like this:

“I knew that Sam and I would have kids someday, so surely I would have checked to make sure they were machine washable. And, the fact that I cut off the tags must mean that they are – I wouldn’t have cut the tags off of anything that needs to be specially washed. Well, just to be careful I will wash them on a cold, gentle cycle and air dry them….”

Did I remember my frantic rush to get them off the shelves after months of frustrated looking? No. Of course not. Of course I didn’t think of that.

So, into the washer they went. And when I took them out at the end of the cycle, they looked bad. Really bad. Basically the fabric bunched around all the detailing in the front. Because there was no detailing on the back panel, that remained unscathed. Which meant that I had pillow covers that looked like someone had sewn two different sizes together. They looked pitiful. Thankfully, after much stretching and pulling and air-drying…I managed to get them just barely big enough to fit the pillows. Now they look like this:


I wish I had a picture to show what they were before, but basically they were flat. No bunches. No scrunchy look. Now they’re quite rippled and bunchy. It may not seem that extreme in the photo, but they look like completely different pillow covers. Lesson learned, I guess.

But, if you don’t look too close you may not notice the pointed corners or that the fabric on the back pulls quite a bit around the sides towards the now-shrunken front of the pillow…so, I’ve decided that I don’t think I completely ruined them. I mean, the bunchy look for throw pillows is in now…right?


One thought on “The one where I almost destroy our couch pillows…

  1. Ok if you hadn't written that whole thing about the pillow and the fact they shrunk I would have NEVER known!! They look SUPER cool and i really believe that people would pay money for those pillow cases looking just like that!! Now i know that you don't think so because they didn't look like what you bought a few months ago, but I LOVE them!! No worries!!! they look great! 🙂

    Lindsey H.

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