The Nursery: Phase 1

Over the last two days, we’ve begun prepping and painting the nursery, which I am SO excited about! With less than 10 weeks to the due date, I have been itching to make some progress in the baby’s room. Here are some shots of our progress so far.

Step 1: We measured the distances from the ceiling on both ends of each wall section, made tiny markings with a pencil, and then used a chalk-line as a guide. I’ve never used a chalk line before…but I am definitely a fan.


Step 2: Taping



Me & my growing belly…cleaning up the excess chalk dust.

Step 3: Paint!



I have some really cute airplane /star decals to put in the blue strip once it dries all the way. Waiting is not my strong suit. I want the paint to be dry NOW. But, in case we move and I want to re-use the decals, I suppose I’ll make sure the paint is ALL the way dry – that way I don’t glue them to the wall permanently with wet paint.

Also, a couple helpful tips we found out while doing this project: If you’re looking to do something like this where straight, non-crackly lines are important to you (yes, I am that much of a perfectionist) and you’re not good at edging/trimming in perfect lines…Buy Frog Tape. In the paint aisle, it’s the green tape right next to the cheaper blue tape, and I really think it’s miracle tape. Seriously. Our edge lines look like this:


Now those are lines this perfectionist-mama-to-be can be happy about. 🙂 Also, if you take the tape off (blue or green) before the paint is all the way dry (not wet enough that you’re worried about dripping, but not dry) that will end up in straighter edges too. Sometimes peeling back the tape off a dry wall will result in little bits of chipping. If it’s still wet and flexible, it works much better!

More photos to come as the nursery project continues!


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