After spending the last few days unpacking our belongings, Sam and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful, sunshine-filled 71 degree day we were given yesterday and did some exploring. Up to this point, the extent of our exploring has been scouring isles in Home Depot or trying to find the food on our list at a very unfamiliar grocery store…so we were itching to get out and about a bit.

What we didn’t plan for was a visit to one of the strangest towns we’ve ever seen. I’m serious. When we drove into town on our way to a local nature preserve, things seemed a bit strange. The buildings were either brick and covered in vines, or they were painted colors like neon green and pastel purple. We were so taken by the street vendors, hemp shops, dreadlocks, and tattoo parlors that we didn’t notice this:
until our way back through the town at the end of the day. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is wrapped around a tree. This brings a whole new level of meaning to the term: “tree-hugger.” Haha. I am only including this picture because I was unable to get one of all the stop signs, light posts, and every type of pole in town that were covered in similar fabric, crocheted around (yes…as in yarn), or plastered with tie-dye, peace signs and neon flowers. Vowing to look it up when we got home, we found out online that this town is labeled as one of the “biggest hippy hang-outs” in the local are. No joke. I’ve never seen anything like it.
And, here’s the local college:
The nature preserve was pretty free of the weird town vibes, unless you count the vendor selling tie-dyed shirts at the start of the trail, and I was able to get some awesome shots. I can’t wait to go back in the spring time when it’s lush and green.
Biggest tree knot I have ever seen. Seriously, nature is awesome. 
I loved these plants:
Anyone know what they are? I don’t think I’ve ever seen them before. Our God sure does create some beautiful things, doesn’t he? I never cease to be amazed.
That’s all for now. More updates to come over the next few weeks of exploring, I’m sure. 

2 thoughts on “Exploring

  1. LOL! Wow, glad to see you are having fun. I like the photos. Especially that little rainbow in the one of the fallen branch. The flowers look kind of like a hydrangea. Can't wait to see more of your exploring.

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