Mine is the House that Smells of Gingersnaps

Yep, we are officially moved, and I am up to my ears in boxes to unpack. But I took a break from my packing to create these:
Gingersnap Cookies
And now our new house is filled with the scent of gingersnap cookies. Which, I will have you know, turned out perfectly on the first time. No wonky baking issues with my stove, which I think is more exciting to me than actually eating the cookies themselves. Perfection in a crispy, spicy, crunchy cookie. That I actually have a nice stove for the first time in my “grown up” life (my mom’s doesn’t count…) is actually looking promising!
The soundtrack that I am listening to as I sit at my kitchen table and type? The quiet lull  considerable ROAR of my dishwasher. Not that I am complaining. As long as that things roars the dishes clean, it can roar away!! Besides, it creates a nice backdrop to the jets flying overhead. 
But, to be honest, it doesn’t matter. I’m just plain happy. Happy to be here, to have a new start, to be able to set up our home the way I want it…
Oh, and, did I mention that I’m married to this guy??
Does he look good in a uniform or what??

One thought on “Mine is the House that Smells of Gingersnaps

  1. Wow! What a wonderful way to start life in your new home…a handsome man and fresh homemade cookies!! Congrats on the stove and the dishwasher!! The boxes make a great back drop for your pictures!! All the best to you in your new grown-up life!

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