One Fine Fall Saturday

Last Saturday, my sister-in-law, Kendie, and I went traipsing through the local countryside with our cameras. Along with miles of pasture land on winding dirt roads tinted with the early hues of fall, we also happened upon the first day of hunting season. Which, in Geneseo, NY is apparently a big deal. I’m not all that into fox-hunting myself, but, I mean, come on…where else could we have seen beagles and horses parading down main street at 7am?


After observing this rare treat of a parade, we headed around town to take some photos. We paid no mind to the quizzical stares from the locals, who apparently were not accustomed to having two good looking gals wandering the streets with photographic paraphernalia at 8am, and got some great shots.


Perhaps I have seen one too many church paintings of the Holy Spirit represented as a dove, but, that is all I can think of when I look at this photo:


After a short mid-morning pit stop at the local coffee shop, we headed out of town for some good ‘ol country photographs. I’ve always wanted to photograph the ancient oak trees in this area and, though the day proved to be overcast and we barely saw the sun, we got to do just that (to a background soundtrack of hounds on the hunt in the nearby forest).





I had to resist the urge to change all photos of these wonderful trees to black and white…Somehow the extra contrast was just, well, wonderful.



See what I mean?? And, this last picture, taken in passing, is perhaps one of my favorite photos from the whole day:


I can think of no better way to spend a Saturday morning. What fun!


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